Behind the Business: Better Organised

Behind the Business: Better Organised
I’m Kate, the founder of Better Organised in Milngavie, Glasgow. I help people to make space for what matters most to them, through hands-on decluttering & organising as well as productivity coaching. 

I can usually be found helping clients to streamline and simplify their homes or workspaces, or delivering talks and workshops on a range of topics which addressorganisational challenges, including work/life balance, home organisation and boosting productivity.


What made you decide to start your business? What advice do you have for anyone thinking of becoming their own boss?

Prior to staring the business I had been a stay-at-homemum for a few years. When the kids started school I wanted to do work that I would find fulfilling and could fit around childcare commitments. I’ve always loved decluttering and all things organised, so Better Organised was born.

My advice would be to start small and build at a pace that feels right to you. If you have the security of a steady income I would think carefully about when (if at all) the right time is to move entirely to self-employment. The flexibility and freedom is great but there are also financial and practical considerations, such as how income will keep coming in if you can’t work, who will cover your holidays etc!

How was life in lockdown for you and how did you adapt during this time?

It was difficult to not be able to physically go and work with clients but luckily, I already did some online coaching and was accustomed to delivering talks virtually, so initially I focused on that offering.

I was then fortunate enough to secure a couple of large projects, working in unoccupied properties on behalf of families who couldn’t travel due to restrictions. I was tasked with sensitively clearing the houses in advance of them going on the market. This involved going through every item, identifying those for auction, sale, donation,recycling or disposal, liaising with other suppliers and tradespeople, and ultimately getting the properties to a stage where I could then hand keys over to an estate agent.

 What trends are you most excited about in your industry at the moment?

It’s exciting to see how professional organising is becoming more widely recognised as an industry. This has without doubt been helped by Marie Kondo, The Home Edit and Stacey Solomon, among others.

I am particularly excited about the upcoming annual conference held by The Association of Professional Declutterers & Organisers – it’ll be the first time since 2019 that I have been face to face with my colleagues! 

What does a typical working day look like for you?

No two days are the same, which I love. In the last week I have helped;
- A female client who is preparing to move in with her partner. We are discarding items that she no longer needs and boxing up items ready for transport
- A husband and wife team who wanted to declutter and organise the office in their manufacturing business so that they can easily find what they need and aren’t using up valuable storage space storing items that are no longer required
- A stay-at-home mum who wants to clear some space in a spare room so that it can be used for crafting and play. We purged old toys, stationery and craft materials and repurposed her existing storage to keep kids’ items categorised and contained
- A young entrepreneur who needs his clothing to be well organised so that he can easily and quickly grab what he needs when packing for a business trip or preparing for a speaking engagement. His wardrobe no longer holds items that he doesn’t use or love and is simply organised so that getting ready is a breeze.


How do you structure work / life / play? Do you find it easy to switch off and if so how?

I have a very diary-led approach, whereby I time block appropriate chunks for the different activities i.e. work with clients, business admin, children’s activities and family time. This lets me keep a good grip on my commitments and capacity and see the overall balance.

Keeping a visual overview of what I need and want to do usually means that I can easily switch off. This can be watching TV, doing some cooking or baking, going for a walk or catching up with family and friends.

 Please share some of your favourite books, blogs, Instagram accounts.

One of my favourite books is Start With Your Sock Drawer by Vicky Silverthorn. It was thanks to Vicky that I discovered APDO and I subsequently did her home organising course in London. I dip in and out of various blogs but don’t have a particular favourite, and I decluttered Instagram and Twitter from my life a few years ago.

 What is your favourite cake and why?

I love a good carrot cake if it has a great texture and isn’t sickly sweet. I am also a big fan of Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Guinness Cake – it’s very indulgent and delicious - ideal for special occasion. 

I am active on Facebook and LinkedIn and offer a free consultation via phone or Zoom for anyone who would like an initial chat about taking the first step to better organisation in their home, workplace or life.