Behind the business: Laura Turner, Turn Pilates

Behind the business: Laura Turner, Turn Pilates

Behind the Business; every month, we will bring you the people and passions behind your favourite local businesses.  We hope you enjoy learning more about these small businesses and what they have to offer.


Laura, thank you for taking part in our Behind the Business series, please introduce yourself and your business:

Hi, I am Laura, the owner of Turn Pilates and am located at Bearsden Cross. Here we have a small studio where we can accommodate 4/5 people or 1:1 sessions each session is tailored for your own personal needs.  I'm originally from Bearsden and trained as an accountant leaving 20 years ago and returning 5 years ago to be closer to my parents.  I suffered from chronic back pain after a fall and turned to pilates - pilates literally saved me!

What advice do you have for someone thinking of starting their own business:

As I was previously an accountant I had the perfect background to set up my own business.  Be prepared for a lot of admin; emails, social media etc The hours are very long but I love that I answer to no one!

How was life in lockdown and how did you adapt?

Understandably lockdown was very hard both personally and professionally. Having the studio shut down and trying to get discounts for various systems etc. As a small business I really cared about how people were coping and stayed in touch with clients through emails and phone calls.  I switched to zoom to keep up engagement with my clients.

What trends in your industry are you excited about just now?

People are becoming more aware of Pilates equipment and not just mat work, which is great.  Also throughout the pandemic people become more aware of health and fitness and are wanting to try new  fitness routines.  As things open up, my clients are also delighted just to be able to socialise more aswell.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

I generally work split shifts and my day begins with walking my dog.  I'll walk the dog to my parents then head to the studio for a few hours to work out.  I'll head home to do some admin and will be back to the studio later.  Fortunately Friday and Saturdays are half days! I love my job, just not the admin.

How do you switch off?

Like all business owners, it's very hard to switch off - Turn Pilates is my baby!! I have a LOT of lists and emails to get through but ironically when I teach is when I get in the zone.

Can you share any books, Instagram pages that you love?

I am a geek for Pilates and anatomy books  - I love any kind of self help/ healer book. I recently really enjoyed "How to be human" by Ruby Wax  My insta feed is mainly full of pilate pages and local businesses.

Finally, what is your favourite cake and why?

To be honest I'm not usually a fan of sponge cakes but for some reason I can't resist a warm chocolate cake with chocolate sauce and ice cream.... mmmm

If anyone needs more information where can they find you?

My website:


Discounts and special offers can be found on:

Facebook & Instagram tag "Turn Pilates"